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SINCE 1972

Washington Construction & Paving

has a long history of serving the community of DC, MD and VA,
becoming a contribution to its development and naturally,
part of the image and landscaping of the city.


From humble beginnings in 1972, the Washington Construction and Paving (WCP) brand has achieved successes on the back of a determined approach to ensure the delivery of high quality services.


The company has built or renovated many of the most important buildings in the nation's capital. The firm has constructed more than 200 projects throughout the United States and over the globe and has won major awards for building excellence.

In the early years the Company took a sub-contractor service role specializing in block work, tiling and specialist finishes including Granosite applications. It later expanded its internal divisions to include;


• ILB and steel fabrication

• Plastering/ Painting

• Joinery

 • Plumbing

• Electrical

• Plant Hire


This provided the Company with greater capacity and more robust capabilities to promote itself into a main building contractor role, and in this capacity the Company has continued to grow based on its reputation for providing high-quality services at a competitive price. PMC-WCP implements a strict disciplinary regime in carrying out work that ensures observance to recognized industry standards and a clear understanding of program deliverables to achieve high quality workmanship. An established code of conduct helps to create a structured approach to deliver the Total Solution that caters for all your construction needs;


• Design and Construction

• Project Management

• Construction of:

    – Commercial offices

    – Industrial developments and factories

    – Domestics dwelling

    – units/homes

    – Extensions and renovations

    – Office and shop fit outs


PMC Group manages complex undertakings once a building contract is executed. We understand the risks and constraints of all stakeholders and we have the skill, sensitivity and energy to work with large teams to execute work packages aligned with planning goals. This integrated systems approach allows us to execute a range of tasks within the construction industry that only a few in PNG are capable. Behind each of our project’s there is a constant aim of achieving a quality finish and to keep finding efficient and effective ways of achieving the desired outcome in a cost.

“We can make everything happen”


Our CEO/Contractor


Md Monir Patwary was a Bangladeshi immigrant, arriving in the United States in 2007 at the age of 26, as much to escape anti-Semitism in his homeland as to make his own fortune. His was the typical rags to riches American immigrant story. Patwary started as a peddler hawking his wares from a cart. From there he established his first modest business as a consultant. Desiring a quicker route to riches, he headed towards US capital, to the "Metro Washington area," or District of Columbia, Virginia  & Maryland. Newly opened to pioneers and land grabbers, the demand for construction materials and knowledge in Metro area was insatiable. There Mr. Patwary entered the construction business, building up a fortune, which he invested in turn in the exploration of the new  fields of Bangladesh and Republic of South Sudan, where he started to expand his global business from the year 2019.


Business boomed during the prosperous years of the 2009. While recession hit afterwards, the capital was better off than elsewhere; victory in President Obama settlement afterwards added to Washington's importance and prestige. The building boom never really stopped in the city until today.


Md Monir Patwary business perspective reflected that of a younger generation, impatient with the traditional ways of doing things. At the Patwary firm, the way of doing business for over 20 years had been to keep the firm small, a philosophy that the founder felt ensured efficiency, and to limit its project area to the Washington, D.C., area. The nation's demographics, however, were changing rapidly, and the Sun Belt was becoming the up and coming growth area. Patwary Group counseled expansion.


Washington Construction has completed some of the major projects in USA and Bangladesh. There projects illustrate our strength, versatility, and performance capacity that Washington Constructions & Paving proven throughout its existence in the building and construction industry.

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